[F4M] January 2019: This year begins with fun

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  1. Roxy Parker

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    Hi, I'm Roxy Parker & this is my little corner at SextingName!
    I'm here to provide unseen quality of services to serious men from all over the World. If you're looking for a real girl & you're +18 you might be interested! So keep reading.. ;)

    What I'm offering

    Live/Custom nudes & sexting
    That's right gentlemen, dirty talk without actual nudes (and the opposite), is like coffee without sugar! I'll do some of the best live nudes you've ever seen on Kik! Take a deep breath & indulge yourselfs to quality nudes & sexting.


    I've been recording naughty vids since May 2017 & I might surprise you with the variety of my work! A lesbian tape, a genuine sextape, numerous solo vids of all kinds; all compatible with your iPhone, Android or Mac/Pc & ready at a moment's notice.. you just can't say no to that!
    Forget about copy-cats & low quality porn, I'm filming & editing all my vids on my own!

    Custom Vids
    I'm one of the few actual girls taking video requests over Kik! Come say hi, fill me up with details about what's on your mind & I'll be happy to record it for a fair price.

    Ways to contact me

    -Kik: RoxyJParker
    -Forum: Feel free to send me a private message, I will respond :)

    *Some things to keep in mind

    1. I don't mind you being shy, a first timer, a virgin or anything similar, you're welcome.
    2. Previews are limited to what I believe you deserve, don't fuck my good vibes.
    3. If you're looking for a fast response, please tell me where u found me at. (eg. SextingName)
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  2. Roxy Parker

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    Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a good one yesterday night, I did. Will be spending part of my evening online today, hit me up if you're looking for some 2019 kind of fun! I'm down for much if you're serious & mature and will always be willing to prove I'm real before anything goes down! :)
  3. Roxy Parker

    Roxy Parker New Member

    I'm online guys! It's a snowy week for the most of you (including me too). Hit me up if you're looking to warm up with some sexting fun or more! I'm down for much as long as we're both gonna get warm and chillin! Don't hesitate to contact me even if you're shy, I don't mind you being an amateur. :)

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